Why your ego doesn’t want you to get a girlfriend

Looking back at my dating journey I realize that even though I was a complete insecure noob in the beginning, I realize that it weren’t my skills holding me back from improving.

It was my ego.

A bit counterintuitive – you would think ego would be a problem once you get relatively good and “too proud” but let me explain.

A lot of analytical men think their biggest problem is their anxiety or insecurities (which is sort of right).

But the reason you cannot get over your anxiety is not your lack of skills but your ego.

Because the journey to getting over your insecurities contains a lot of rejection – and your ego doesn’t want that.

So it will tell you..

“I am too busy with work right now”

“Women are not even worth my attention”

“Most girls are so superficial and shallow”

These are the things my ego was telling me every day – just so I would not approach.

And this is something that I see in the comments here both on reddit and also the videos I make.

(maybe you even recognize this in yourself)

If you listen to your ego, you will never have a happy dating life. Period.

Instead, you need to embrace it and move in that exact direction of where that voice is telling you not to go.

Go there and it will change your life

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