Why I struggled with women as an engineer

I graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering from a top 3 school in Europe, and I have experienced it first hand how bad it can get for analytical men when it comes to women.

In my studies logic and math were rewarded – the harder problems I solved, the better my grade was.

I then tried to treat women the same way – trying to “solve them”

I looked at my conversations with women as I do at a piece of code – if this, then that

And it got me no where and frustrated..

I later realized communicating with women is completely the opposite – you are not trying to solve any problems with [if this, then that] statements but flirt and vibe

Of course, after years of doing this I see certain patterns that can be summarized in frameworks but if you are technical dude my advice would be to stop trying to find the perfect conversation topic or line to say.

The same analytical skills that help you in your job will kill your interactions with women if you are not careful.

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