When a girl doesn’t trust you

Late February, 2024, Madrid

I’m on a weekend trip to relax from work and hopefully have some adventures.

It’s my last day today, so I begin going out quite early at 2pm in the afternoon.

I’m having loads of interactions and I’m hopeful I will land a date for tonight.

At around 4pm I ran into a very cute blonde girl – let’s call her Lucia (name changed).

We hit it off very well and there is immediate sexual chemistry.

She gives me the puppy eyes and is very receptive, so 5 minutes in I say “fuck it” and go in for the kiss.

Note – I usually don’t try to kiss girls during the initial interactions when I am doing them during the day in public but sometimes you get the feeling and go for it.

She gives me the cheek and is 50% angry and 50% impressed.

She tells me – I don’t know you and you just approached me, what is this? You can see she is a bit mad, but not in a bad way, just from pure disbelief.

I tell her – well, I felt like we had a really good connection there and I wanted to kiss you, I don’t really question these things logically.

Apparently she’s going to see a friend now, so I invite her to have a drink later.

She says she cannot leave her friend and it would have to be with 2 of them.

Only if I can have a private drink with you afterwards” I smile and respond. “Will see” she says.

We’re texting and at 8pm she says the friend cannot come out so she’s free. Good news.

However, at 8.55 five minutes before the agreed date she says she cannot come to the location and says “I cannot be far from my house because I need to watch the kids of my friends.” and suggest a fancy rooftop near her.

I’m always wary of going to a place I don’t know, especially fancy rooftops because a lot of guys get scammed in this places with exorbitant bills.

This is not good and the first speed bump. I tell her “look, come down and we will find a place”. She comes down and I start leading.

It’s 9pm on a Saturday in Madrid and most places are full.

We go into the first decent looking bar that’s free but she only drinks 1 type of drink and it’s not there. We move.

At the first bar we have to stand and there are a lot of people around, it’s not very romantic but I play with it anyways.

I increase my eye contact and flirting, and gradually move really close to her.

Kissing is easy but when I suggest to have a walk, she doesn’t want to.

I don’t know you, so I am not having a walk around the city with you

I’m thinking to myself – if she doesn’t trust me to have a walk with her, pulling will be impossible.

I tell my inner thoughts to shut up and say to myself – 1 step at a time. You can do this.

I get creative and start showing her my Instagram, my ID and basically saying – look, I’m an open book. I have nothing to hide.

After 30 min she agrees to have a walk but she wants to go back to her place. Without me.

As we’re walking I know I’m losing this and if I don’t do something right now, I lose her forever.

So on one of the quieter streets I pull her in and start kissing.

She’s engaging, so slowly move my hand down. More down.

I’m thinking to myself that this is a bit crazy even for me but it’s my only choice.

I basically need to get her so horny that her instinct takes over the logic and she drops her guard.

So I start touching her on the street and she is engaging.

She comes close to orgasm and I tell her – let’s go to mine.


Then I ask her – would you come home with me if you were 100% sure I am a good guy and I would not do anything you didn’t want to?

She says yes.

She asks me to stay an extra day but I can’t.

I ask her what her intuition says about me.

I think you’re a good, gentle guy but I have to be careful

I completely empathise with her (I mean if I was a girl I would do the same thing) but I also say – sometimes you have to trust your intuition to have adventures in your life.

When you are old and thinking back at this night – what do you think you would have liked to have done?

I tell her to send a picture of my ID and send it to her friend, and show exactly where my Airbnb is.

Then she asks – “will you walk me back?

Of course.

We start walking toward my airbnb but it’s not done yet – Im staying with a friend and we only have 1 key, so he has to come down and let us in.

And if you’re a girl this suspicious, you probably don’t want to enter a random apartment with 2 guys.

So I tell her let’s have another drink before we go to mine in order to build comfort.

There I tell her about my friend but at this point she doesn’t care about that.

I’m coming home with you” – she has made her decision.

From there it’s smooth sailing and the sex is amazing.

I’m happy to have met her and I walk her back to her place.

As I drop her off, I realise I only have 5 minutes left before my next date that night 🙂

To be continued…

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