Street to bed in 5 hours

Somewhere in Europe

It’s 9pm and I’m ready to go home and relax after 2 hours of street approaching.

I say bye to my friends and as I’m about to walk home I notice a beautiful girl dressed in black professional outfit coming my way.

One more” I think to myself and go up to her.

I’m immediately hooked by her dark eyes, witty humour and tall slim figure.

She’s coming directly from a music concert and heading to her hotel.

Apparently she’s a journalist travelling through the city for a few days and tonight is her last night.

She immediately challenges me and says I look like a boy (as she seems a few years older than me in her early 30s).

I respond with slight tease: “You don’t have to be insecure about your age, I like you either way

She seems a bit suspicious of me approaching her out of the blue, so I suggest to just sit down in a nearby bench and have a quick chat.

I tell her about myself and what I do – I also point to my coworking place nearby so she knows that I’m a normal guy.

We talk for about 15 min and I say that we cannot just sit on a bench the whole night and we should grab a drink.

You thought I was going to be here for the whole night? I’m just sitting down and going to my hotel” in a teasing way.

Finally she agrees for a quick drink.

Before heading to the place, I tell her I must pick up my gym bag from work (I actually had to do this, and I’m thinking it’s good to show her where I work to build trust if we’re going to go all the way tonight).

After that we head to the bar – as we’re walking the narrow, dark streets I can feel that she had her guard up a little (totally normal – I am a stranger, after all).

I hope you’re not taking me to sell my organs” – she says.

You’re a few years too late, I get the best price for age of 25 and below” I joke back in a calm way referencing the tease from before.

We arrive at the bar and sit next to a little table. All of the sofas are taken but at least I can sit in a 90 degree angle to her and get close.

We’re having a regular conversation, and then I slowly start to spice it up.

Her guard is still up and she “accuses” me of being a player and hiding my intentions – in a joking way of course, but something’s there.

What works for me in these situations is being extremely direct and transparent but not explicit and too needy so I tell her:

Look, I do find you attractive which is why I invited you out and why I am flirting with you right now but all I’m trying to do is enjoy the moment and go with the flow, so I think you’re projecting your thoughts onto me

By the way, this is also true – I’m genuinely enjoying the moment, her company and have learned to go with the flow over the years.

Radical (non-needy) honesty can be very attractive.

This calms her down and she starts explaining that you can never be too careful as a woman.

I agree – makes total sense.

From here we start building up quite a lot of physical and sexual chemistry by heavy eye contact and light touching which eventually ends up in a kiss.

We talk a bit more but as it’s getting late I tell her – “Let’s take a walk”

We go outside, walk the beautiful, small streets until we come to a local square where I pull her in and kiss her again.

You’ve seen my work already, I want to show you my terrace so you complete the scouting mission, but only if you promise not to break my stuff

She laughs and whispers that it’s pretty late and she usually doesn’t come to a guy’s place when she has known him for a few hours.

Again, I’m just being honest but not needy

Well all the bars are closed by now, so we have to find our own spot by now. Normally we would call it a night but since this is your last night, I would like to spend a bit more time with you. That being said, you coming to my place doesn’t mean anything – we can kiss a little and if you get tired I will walk you to your hotel

She pauses for a few seconds and says “Okay, let’s go“.

At my place, she sits on my chair and it’s a bit hard to get close to her.

I keep making eye contact with her and after an hour of talking, light touching and kissing I pull her towards me and we proceed to have sex.

Hope this helps some of you.

If you have questions – let me know

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