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About me

My name is Gus Olsen, and after a decade of working on my dating life – I can say that’s it’s by far the best part of my life.

I have been lucky to have it all – countless romantic adventures and a 7 year long open relationship with a girl I loved a lot.

Unfortunately the dating advice out there is extremely divisive.

On one side you have dating coaches with pretty toxic views teaching you how to “get laid” with “young, hot women” – forgetting that most men seek not only empty sex but also emotional connection. And it’s going to be hard to have a connection with an 18 year old girl who knows nothing about life.

On the other side you have mainstream vanilla advice found in most magazines and popular blogs on how to “get a girlfriend” by being a nice guy – not only this advice doesn’t work, it focuses on the end-result (get a girlfriend) and not the quality of the relationships.

My philisophy is a bit different – instead of seeking empty sex or looking for a basic and boring relationship, I seek adventures with women I find interesting and physically attractive.

Yes, adventures includes great sex but also travelling, eating out and generally sharing a good time.

When you do this you get the best of both worlds – you can date incredibly attractive women and have amazing sex AND share an emotional bond that we ultimately seek as human beings.

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