Stop overthinking

This Saturday I went out for a few hours before dinner (4PM – 7PM) and walked alongside the main streets of my city.

I talked to 12 girls on the street and got 5 numbers/Instagrams and 1 date for 9PM.

Honestly – I did nothing special.

Simple approach.

My standard conversation model (finding a common topic, flirting, telling her about myself, closing).

All in about 3 hours.

Meanwhile I wing I knew was sitting at home telling me that Saturday afternoons suck for cold approach.

That street approach is getting more competitive.

That he needs to find “new material” for going out.

That the week has been too stressful and needs to rest.

That he needs to get bigger in the gym.

What’s my point?

Dating will be as easy or as hard as you make it to be.

50% of success in dating comes down to being able to drag yourself out of the house, approaching a girl you find attractive and confidently introducing yourself.

And repeating this the day after.

Based on some of the comments I read under my posts I can tell some of you are overcomplicating this way too much.

Put on your shoes, a clean shirt and get out of your house.

That’s the first and most important step.

Yes, you will need to learn how to open properly.

Yes, you will need to learn how to start flirting.

Yes, you will need to learn how to build comfort.

But all of that won’t matter if you’re not even able to get out of your house (and your head) and master consistency.

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