Proof anyone can become attractive

Let me tell you a quick story that will change the way you think about yourself completely.

That boy up there in picture – that’s me. With my grandma.


At 13 I was miserable.

Shy. Scared. Extremely insecure.

I barely had any friends and didn’t really speak much to anyone. If you had asked me back then why – I would have told you that I’m an introvert.

And girls? I developed these huge crushes on some of my classmates but I would be too scared to even talk to them. And from their side – they didn’t even notice me.

This continued all throughout high-school until I was 19 and still a virgin.

I was starting to think that maybe girls are “not for me”, I’m not an attractive person and they like guys who do sports, have lots of muscles and have some sort of fame.

But then one day – everything changed.

I saw a video on Youtube of a guy going out to bars talking to women.

He was a short, average looking dude doing it sober and alone.

And the girls were laughing and giving him loads of attention – I couldn’t believe this.

I thought the video was fake.

However, I was intrigued enough, so I told one of my few friends about this, and that we should try going out sober to flirt with women.

We had nothing to lose, so we did it.

That night I approached one girl and we had a conversation for 2 minutes before she left.

It might not seem like much but my entire life changed.

I was able to approach an attractive girl and strike up a conversation.

For my entire life it seemed something impossible to me that a girl would even talk to me – and I just broke one of my limiting beliefs.

What else could I be wrong about? – I was thinking.

Fast forward to 10 years later, and my dating life is completely different.

Last month alone I went on 12 first dates with attractive women – something that would seem outright ridiculous to me when I was younger.

What am I trying to illustrate here?

It doesn’t matter how your dating life looks now – you can change it completely.

You might be extremely shy, insecure, introverted – and that’s okay.

I am a living proof that anyone can do this – if you decide to change.

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