How to improve your dating life (the smart way)

Imagine a scenario – you try to talk to a girl and for some reason get rejected hard.

Maybe she straight up ignores you, maybe she looks at you with disgusted eyes, maybe she tells you that you are too short for her.

Now imagine this happens a few times in a row – how will you react?

For a lot of men this is too much to take, so they go home and “take a break” from dating for weeks, months or even years.

This actually happened to a guy I knew – he got 2 harsh rejections in 1 day and I haven’t seen him out for 3 months.

But there are guys who just continue going like nothing happened.

What’s the difference?

It’s how you interpret feedback.

Feedback loops in dating are important because by using them correctly you can improve your weak spots and get better.

However a lot of guys completely misinterpret feedback which can have disastrous effects.

For example – let’s take the example above. 2 harsh rejections – what can we learn from that?

Bad approach?

Bad looks?

Cold approach doesn’t work?

The answer is that we can learn nothing in this case – the sample size is way too small.

You don’t make conclusions after doing 2 approaches – they can go good or bad for completely arbitrary effects.

First of all, you must have a bigger sample size before making a conclusion.

If you’re trying to optimize approaches, then doing more approaches.

If you’re trying to optimize dates, then doing more dates.

Okay, let’s say you did 50 approaches and 40 women continued walking.

Does this mean you suck and should not approach women?

Not necessarily. That would be a counter productive way to interpret feedback.

A better way would be this.

Only 20% of women stop when I try to approach them. It probably means I am approaching in a weak manner with poor eye contact, body language and tone of voice. So in the next 50 approaches I will work on improving these 3 areas and try to stop more women. The only metric I will look at is the stopping rate, nothing else. And after I will analyse the results.

This allows you to implement changes in your behaviour and get better.

I know getting rejected is not easy, but if you can simply look at the data and objectively assess it – you can make solid conclusions and hence solid improvements in your dating life.

I have created a self-diagnosis checklist to help you diagnose your weak areas based on your results – if you want to use it, send me a DM and I will ship it to you

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