How to cold approach without it being cold

Imagine if you could approach women cold without it really ‘being cold’.

Well, you can. Here’s what I mean.

A lot of times walking down the street I catch women’s eye contact.

Even if it’s just for a mili-second, I use that as an opportunity to approach and say something like

Hey, you looked at me but didn’t even say hi. What’s going on, are we having a fight?

At this point they will laugh and either try to explain what they were doing it or saying they weren’t looking at me.

If they deny it, I say – okay, we can just pretend it didn’t happen, but since I’m already here, I gotta say I like your XYZ and continue with the usual conversation model.

As you see, it doesn’t even matter if they were actually looking at you, you just gotta make sure you catch their eye contact for a split second for plausible deniability.

I can already here the crowd of comments screaming – but I am not attractive!

This is not about being a male model – if you are an average guy it still works.

The key is how you carry yourself when you walk and your social observation.

I have done years of cold approaches, so I don’t really get inside my head anymore and instead have gotten in the habit of constantly scanning the environment looking for girls I find attractive.

This makes me present and hence able to pick up on minor social cues – one of them being eye contacts.

Also make sure you try to look people in the eye, this obviously helps.

And if you carry yourself with confidence, some girls will pick up on that.

Obviously for some of you – your first step is just getting out there and initiating conversations, so don’t worry about this for now but just now that it gets easier and more rewarding with time.

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