How I learned flirting

If you had asked me 10 years ago what it means to flirt I would have told you – to give compliments.

And I would go around telling girls “You’re beautiful”, obviously going nowhere and thinking that this flirting stuff doesn’t work.

Boy I was so wrong about this.

Fast forward to today – learning how to flirt properly has been one of the best things I have done to turn around my dating life.

Also I believe I have a much better understanding of flirting, and to be honest there are many ways you can flirt.

But if I had to summarize what has worked the best for me – it’s being illogical and playful.

What do I mean by this?

When most guys meet women – they try to talk about tangible things (job, hobbies, culture) in a linear fashion.

What has worked for me – being illogical and playful. For example, I’m talking about her job and she says she’s a lawyer.

Logical continuation – “Wow, you must work long hours, how much do you work?

Illogical continuation – “Oh f*ck, are you going to cross-examine me right now?

Obviously she will not cross-examine me right now (I’m not a witness haha), but just imagine how many different ways our conversation can go.

I just gave her “an invitation” to go from a serious work conversation to a cheeky roleplay where I’m the witness – how much more interesting it is for the both of us than just talking about work!

Also by doing this I opened dozens of different avenues for the conversation to go (instead of just her asking me back on what I do)

I will do another post on specific flirting techniques I use, but the main gist is to be illogical and playful

Any questions – let me know

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