How I finally got over my approach anxiety

I struggled years with approach anxiety until I finally learned to deal with it.

So what I ended up doing was actually something pretty simple – consistent warm up.

When you go to the gym – do you just go to the bench press and try to max out your reps? No. You do a warm up.

Social interactions are the same. Here are some warm up exercises I did

Step 1 – going up to anyone and asking for time (3x)

Step 2 – going up to a cute girl and asking for time (3x)

Step 3 – going up to a girl and telling her she looks nice, then leaving (3x)

Step 4 – going up to a girl and telling her she looks nice and making an assumption about her (i.e. “you look like a lawyer”) (3x)

I didn’t worry about how the interaction went and if I got rejected – the goal was simply initiate a conversation, not getting the number.

When I did these steps consistently every day for 2-3 weeks, I was much less nervous and able to approach any girl.

But the biggest thing is you have to stay consistent

Rooting for you 👊

Any questions around this – let me know

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