Logical Man's Guide to Flirting

Learn how to attract women by having playful conversations

Just the Part 1 of this guide alone got 148K views and 690 upvotes on Reddit in just 3 days.

You are getting the full version including Parts 2 and 3!

My name is Gus Olsen, and over the last 12 months I have dates over 100 attractive, fun and intelligent women.

I have also radically transformed my confidence and social abilities.

But that’s not where I started…

Here’s a picture during my teenager years with my grandmother.

Shy, insecure, unable to talk to any girl.

When I was 19, extremely lonely and still a virgin, I decided that it was enough.

I must change.

I started going out and practicing speaking with women.

In the beginning I absolutely sucked – I only got harsh rejections, and it sucked a lot.

But I kept going and slowly got better.

I managed to get my first date.

My first kiss.

And eventually lost my virginity…

And I kept improving…

Fast forward to today – and I am teaching other guys how to improve in their dating lives.

Most guys try to improve their dating lives by getting more ripped in the gym, making more money, buying better clothes..

I’m not saying those things don’t help, but it’s not the biggest leverage point.

If there is one skill that has allowed me to massively improve my dating life – it’s learning how to flirt.

If you are a good looking guy with loads of money but you suck at flirting – your dating life might still suck.

However, I haven’t met any guys who are amazing at flirting and don’t date attractive women on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately most men have no idea how to flirt and hence they get stuck in the same boring conversations that don’t go anywhere.

Also flirting is such a misunderstood topic with so much false information out there..

This is why I decided to write this guide which explains

-What is flirting

-What are characteristics of good flirting

-Specific flirting techniques

-How to implement flirting in your dating life

And for now you can get this guide completely for free.

(honestly I have gotten such a good feedback about this guide that I might decide to charge for this later).

So grab your copy below and start changing your dating life!

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Transform your dating life by having playful conversations

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