Escaping the ‘boring, nice guy’ category with women

Most men get categorized as boring when they interact with women.

The main root cause?

Not spicing up their conversations.

Most men’s conversations are really bland without any emotions.

Would you cook your food without spices? No but that’s what most guys are doing when they talk to women.

When most men get categorized as boring, they try to fix everything except the root cause.

They think meeting girls through more social ways like building a friend circle or dance class will help but the problem is not where you meet them, it’s how you talk to them when you meet them.

You can meet girls in any situation you like but if you don’t know how to push some fire into your conversations – nothing will work.

Also some guys stick to what they know best and they try to be even more nice guys because they believe if girls really get to know them, they will see them as interesting and fun people.

But comfort is not your problem, your problem is girls are not attracted to you.

It’s like making a soup that has no flavour and you just keep adding water and boiling it for more time. Won’t work. Your conversations are still bland.

However, when you start adding spices at correct times in the right amount – that’s when things start get interesting.

Here’s my simple framework on how to spice up your conversation with a girl in any situation.

Step 1 – embrace your fear.

The reason most guys don’t even try to spice up their conversations is that it’s riskier and they are afraid to get rejected.

Dealing with rejection is a whole another topic that I have dealt with in other articles but for now at least recognize that it’s fear. And by recognizing it, you can move forward with it.

Step 2 – pick your spice of choice.

Just like there are loads of spices depending on the food you’re cooking, there are many techniques you can use to spice up your conversations with women depending on the context you’re in.

Let me give you one of my favourite spices – misunderstanding.

This actually happened to me on a date yesterday – a girl asked if I had ever been to Mexico and I said not yet, then she started telling me that I should visit the beaches, try the food etc.

What most guys would do in this situation would be saying – Yeah, I like tacos, it’s amazing – essentially building more rapport.

What I said instead was – hey, hey, look I know our meeting is going well but we need to take it slow – I know you want me to go to Mexico with you, meet your parents and everything and I get that but it’s only the first time I meet you, let’s get to know each other first

Obviously saying this with a smirk —– 😉 —— because delivery is even more important than what you’re actually saying. She started laughing and justifying herself that’s now what she meant. I kept the joke going for a little and then switched to step 3.

Step 3 – having a normal back and forth and being a real human being. If you just start spicing it up all the time, it will not be sustainable and it will not land. You need to let it cool off, so you can build room for the next spice.

This frameworks works much better than focusing on where to meet or trying to get more time because it deals directly with the root of your problem – girls not being attracted to you. When you do this correctly – you will start seeing much more attraction from women.

I am working on a written guide that will feature two more spicing up techniques I love using to spice up my convos – if you want it simply send me a message and I will get it over to you. Should give you more tools in your arsenal on how to spice up your conversations.

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