Asking for a date in real life approaching

You’re talking to a girl that you have approached in real life. You have generated enough attraction that she is smiling/laughing and showing interest in you by conversational flirting. You have also built comfort by sharing things about you by storytelling and/or sharing something vulnerable. The conversation has been going on for at least 10 […]

How to improve your dating life (the smart way)

Imagine a scenario – you try to talk to a girl and for some reason get rejected hard. Maybe she straight up ignores you, maybe she looks at you with disgusted eyes, maybe she tells you that you are too short for her. Now imagine this happens a few times in a row – how […]

How to cold approach without it being cold

Imagine if you could approach women cold without it really ‘being cold’. Well, you can. Here’s what I mean. A lot of times walking down the street I catch women’s eye contact. Even if it’s just for a mili-second, I use that as an opportunity to approach and say something like Hey, you looked at […]

Escaping the ‘boring, nice guy’ category with women

Most men get categorized as boring when they interact with women. The main root cause? Not spicing up their conversations. Most men’s conversations are really bland without any emotions. Would you cook your food without spices? No but that’s what most guys are doing when they talk to women. When most men get categorized as […]

Why I struggled with women as an engineer

I graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering from a top 3 school in Europe, and I have experienced it first hand how bad it can get for analytical men when it comes to women. In my studies logic and math were rewarded – the harder problems I solved, the better my grade was. I […]

How I learned flirting

If you had asked me 10 years ago what it means to flirt I would have told you – to give compliments. And I would go around telling girls “You’re beautiful”, obviously going nowhere and thinking that this flirting stuff doesn’t work. Boy I was so wrong about this. Fast forward to today – learning […]

How I finally got over my approach anxiety

I struggled years with approach anxiety until I finally learned to deal with it. So what I ended up doing was actually something pretty simple – consistent warm up. When you go to the gym – do you just go to the bench press and try to max out your reps? No. You do a […]