Biggest turn off for women

I went out to a club yesterday and at one point we went to the bar area with my friend to chat and relax. Next to us were a few girls, and I saw at least 3 different guys circle hovering around them for minutes, until one of them did a super weak approach, the […]

Is approaching women on the street weird?

I get asked this question a lot, so let’s break it down. Let’s start with this – is it normal to approach women in a club? It’s a standard practice to approach women in club, but what really is a difference between a street and a nightclub? Nightclub is a socially engineered place with alcohol, […]

Why your ego doesn’t want you to get a girlfriend

Looking back at my dating journey I realize that even though I was a complete insecure noob in the beginning, I realize that it weren’t my skills holding me back from improving. It was my ego. A bit counterintuitive – you would think ego would be a problem once you get relatively good and “too […]