#1 reason for frustrating dating lives

Not happy with your dating life? Let’s do a quick diagnosis. One of the first questions I ask when a guy comes to me is – in the last 30 days, how many conversations with women have you initiated? Typically the answer ranges from 0 to 5. Well that’s your problem. If you don’t talk to […]

Stop overthinking

This Saturday I went out for a few hours before dinner (4PM – 7PM) and walked alongside the main streets of my city. I talked to 12 girls on the street and got 5 numbers/Instagrams and 1 date for 9PM. Honestly – I did nothing special. Simple approach. My standard conversation model (finding a common […]

Mastering these 2 things transformed my dating life

I used struggle to truly understand what to focus on in order to improve my dating life. We’re often told to improve our looks, make more money, be more confident, get better pictures, and it’s extremely confusing Because there are so many potential inputs to improve, it’s impossible to know which to focus on and […]