Asking for a date in real life approaching

You’re talking to a girl that you have approached in real life.

You have generated enough attraction that she is smiling/laughing and showing interest in you by conversational flirting.

You have also built comfort by sharing things about you by storytelling and/or sharing something vulnerable.

The conversation has been going on for at least 10 minutes.

It’s going good but either you or her need to go, so the plan is to ask for a date.

(sidenote – most guys here just ask for # or IG. Don’t do this. Ask for a date first and only then take her #)

You go for a date request… and there are 4 responses she can give you.

Response #1 – No / I am not interested

Rarely happens – if the girl is not interested, she will most likely give you response #2 to be more polite.

Actually it’s not a bad response – thank her for being honest and ask for feedback.

You can use it to learn and improve.

If you are advanced, you can try to loop back and start again to try to turn it around.

Response #2 – Let’s see, I will think about it / Not sure, let’s see

She is politely rejecting you.

This answer trips up most guys because they think that the girl is actually considering going on a date with them.

They take # or IG and go home happy thinking that they might have a date.

If a girl doesn’t agree on a date during the conversation, it’s very, very rare she will go home and change her mind.

Response #3 – Yes, I’m just not sure when

She agrees to have a date with you but she’s not sure when she can make it.

I call this a semi solid close.

It’s much better than Response #2 because at least verbally she has agreed to a date.

The reason that it’s semi solid it’s because she might be saying this for 2 reasons.

Reason 1 – she actually wants to go on a date with you but she’s not sure about her calendar. This is good.

Reason 2 – it’s a Response #2 in disguise. So a polite rejection

Response #4 – Yes, let’s have a drink on X day

When she agrees to have a drink with you on a specific day – that’s a solid number close.

When you are doing real life approaches, this is what you should be aiming for.

Of course, even these ones do flake but they are as solid as you can get.

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