#1 reason for frustrating dating lives

Not happy with your dating life?

Let’s do a quick diagnosis.

One of the first questions I ask when a guy comes to me is – in the last 30 days, how many conversations with women have you initiated?

Typically the answer ranges from 0 to 5.

Well that’s your problem.

If you don’t talk to women – how do you expect to have more dates?

At this stage, you don’t need to even worry about how to escalate physically, watching some random videos on advanced texting tips etc.

It’s like you are trying to learn advanced Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques but you’re showing up to practise only 2x a month.

Solve the immediate problem, not the future problem.

Right now your immediate problem is you’re not reaching enough volume on conversations.

The goal should be to have at least 20 initiated conversations every week – ideally more.

For you to do that, you need to speak on average with 3 women per day.

If you’re doing that and are not getting enough dates – well then you can go and try to solve the next problem (converting conversations to dates).

But for 90% of you the main problem is converting your thoughts into action and doing some approaches.

If you’re not doing 20 convos a week – ask yourself why? What’s the cause of this problem?

Not enough people → find a different location in the city / change time when you go out

No time → make this a priority

Scared to approach → work on your approach anxiety

For most men, it’s usually the approach anxiety that trips them up and they waste years marinating and not doing anything.

If that’s the problem, set a goal to overcome your approach anxiety and don’t worry about anything else.

There are plenty of resources out there on reddit and online in general.

I have also made many guides on how to do this (shoot me a message if you still haven’t seen it and will send it to you)

Bottom line – narrow down the problem and fix it.

It’s super hard to fix a broad problem like “bad dating life” but it’s much easier to fix a mini-problem that’s causing the bigger problem once you know what to look for.

Any questions on this, let me know

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